Chess Club SACH Thessaloniki - Central Chess Club of Bucharest

Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki is proud to announce that 4th Vardaris is dedicated to the Central Chess Club of Bucharest and as we're doing every year with a different team, we will proceed to brotherhood this year, with this legendary club.
Few information for this club.
Central Chess Club of Bucharest (founded in 1977) is the oldest chess structure in Romania besides Romanian Chess Federation and has more than 500 members, most of them children or youngsters.
Every year, our players and our teams fight in Romanian National Championships, winning medals and trophies and launching new faces in competitions.
Most of the actual GM's from Romania were our players at some point. The most charismatic ones are Cristian Chirila, Tiberiu Georgescu and Constantin Lupulescu.
We are proud, not only of the competitional results of our players, but mostly of their path in life. Beeing a member of our club guarantees a good education, character and friends all over the world.
We are involved in the organization of the biggest Chess Festival for kids, FISCA, an event that has been taken place over the last 20 years, having more than 1000 guests only in the past 2 years.
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Hotel Room Reservation

Dear chess friends,

The new year has just begun and together we enter the final straight towards the International Chess Tournament "Vardaris", organised by Chess Club SACH Thessaloniki for the 4th consecutive year.

We would like to remind you that on the 15th of January expires the deadline for the additional 10% discount on the privileged prices, offered to the participants and their attendants at the playing venue, the 5 star Holiday Inn Hotel in Thessaloniki.

Take advantage of this unique offer and make your reservation on time, directly to the hotel.

Happy New Year! Health and happiness to all of you! 

5* Hotel

Room reservations are made directly to the hotel
++30 2310 563100

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