Welcome to 6th "Vardaris"

Welcome to 6th "Vardaris"

2020 has just arrived and for one more year, "Vardaris" is blowing!

Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki and Cooperativa “Allostropos” have the pleasure and honor to organize, for 6th consecutive year, the International Chess Tournament “Vardaris”.

The unique playing venue of Holiday Inn Hotel in the center of the city, in combination with our good mood and our will for an even better tournament are the basic ingredients that attract every year chess players from every corner of Greece, as well as all over the world.

This year "Vardaris" is ...transatlantic, as GM Leandro Krysa from Argentina and Brazilian GM Santiago Yago De Moura are coming to bring us "chess air" from Latin America!

We are also delighted to welcome GM Mihail Marin from Romania, three times National Champion and one of the most successful authors of chess books.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the Scandinavian charge! Eleven strong teenage chess players from Norway will join us, accompanied by their trainer GM Kjetil Aleksander Lie!

Thank you all for your support over the years...

Welcome to 6th Vardaris!!!

Award winners of 5th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris" 2019

Award winners of 5th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris" 2019

A' Group

Final Standings

1st Vallejo Pons Francisco
2nd Kanakaris Georgios
3rd Halkias Stelios
4th Nikolaou Spyridon
5th Stanojoski Zvonko
6th Sidiropoulos Nikolaos

1st Nomin-Erdene Davaademberel
2nd Bukhteeva Viktoria
3rd Salahidou Reveka

Veteran S50
1st Drazic Sinisa

1st Betsakos Konstantinos

1st Lefteriotis Alexandros


B΄ Group

Final Standings

1st Kioutsioumpas Charalambos
2nd Pantoglou Dimitrios
3rd Giakoustidis Spiros-Avgerinos
4th Zgouletas Ioannis
5th Tzovanis Anastasios-Anagnostis
6th Demelkas Ioannis

1st Dereka Konstantina
2nd Batsi Lida
3rd Nikolaki Dimitria

Special Categories

Boys U18
1st Gavriilidis Georgios

Girls U18
1st Patriki Alexandra

Boys U16
1st Pantziarelas Georgios-Dimitrios

Girls U16
1st Pasoglou Nikoleta

Boys U14
1st Nasos Valerios

Girls U14
1st Raftopoulou Konstantina

Boys U12
1st Dristellas Neoklis

Girls U12
1st Spyratou Kleanthi

C΄ Group

Final Standings

1st Papadopoulos Alexandros
2nd Trivella Maria
3rd Vardaka Sofia
4th Angelidis Konstantinos
5th Tzontas Konstantinos
6th Haliandros Apostolos

1st Hristea Andreea-Beatrice
2nd Vardaka Styliani

Boys U16
1st Samaridis Ioannis

Girls U16
1st Zoumpourdikoudi Despoina

Boys U14
1st Moustakas Athanasios

Girls U14
1st Siopi Anastasia

Boys U12
1st Charistes Nikolaos

Girls U12
1st Pelalidou Marianna

Boys U10
1st Karakotsios Konstantinos

Girls U10
1st Giakoustidou Evgenia

D΄ Group

Final Standings

1st Karakotsios Loukas-Georgios
2nd Siskou Evangelia
3rd Efthymiopoulou Anna
4th Vellios Anastasios
5th Raptis Sokratis
6th Kalogridou Marianthi

1st Mavraki Dimitra-Theofyli
2nd Giamouzi Alexandra
3rd Anemogianni Savvina

Press Release "Vardaris 2019"

Press Release "Vardaris 2019"

5th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris" was successfully completed on March 11th 2019. Winner was GM Francisco Vallejo Pons from Spain. It was our joy and honor to have him among the participants.

290 chess players from 18 different countries took part this year at “Vardaris” and it was consisted of 4 different capacity groups.

In B Group winner was Charalambos Koutsioumbas registered player of SKA.KI. TRIKALON, while Alexandros Papadopoulos registered player of Chess Acad. ESTH “G. IOAKIMIDIS” won the C Group. Finally winner of D Group (U8) was Loukas-Georgios Karakotsios registered player of Athlitiko Stavrodromi Galaxia.

Thessaloniki’s Chess Club SACH and Cooperativa Allostropos would like to thank all the participants, as well as those who helped in achieving a great tournament with the best conditions and terms. Especially, we would like to thank “Holiday Inn” Hotel that supported the organisation and offered us every possible assistance. Last but not least of course, we would like to thank all the arbiters who made their best effort for the success of “Vardaris”.

In addition, we would like to thank Angelos Charisteas for the great honour to be present and give the awards to all groups and, finally, the honoured guest Bulgarian team, ETAR Chess Club in Veliko Tarnovo.

See you next year!

6th Vardaris: February 27 - March 2, 2020 !!!

Legendary grill "Vardaris" best offer

Legendary grill "Vardaris" best offer

The organizing committee of the 5th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris 2019" wishes to provide every possible service for its participants. For this reason, we have achieved for yet another year, to offer 20% discount, exclusively for all the participants and their companions, at the legendary grill "Vardaris", located in 2nd Monastiriou Str., very close to the playing venue. We would really like to thank Mr. Isaak Papadopoulos for his kind and generous offer.

"Vardaris" in the latest issue of "New In Chess" magazine

"Vardaris" in the latest issue of "New In Chess" magazine

"Vardaris" is hosted once again in the latest issue of the top "New In Chess" magazine 01/2019.

We thank our colleagues and friends for this honor.






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