GM Lu Shanglei in 6th "Vardaris" 2020

GM Lu Shanglei in 6th "Vardaris" 2020

We are delighted to announce the participation of Grandmaster Lu Shanglei in the 6th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris", which will take place in Thessaloniki from February 27th to March 2nd.

The participation of this top Chinese chess player (no. 15 in his country) in an open tournament in our country is another great success for the chess of the city of Thessaloniki, but also for the entire chess events in Greece. It is extremely rare to observe chess players of this level to be at the table next to you. So, we are expecting this great opportunity with great joy and impatience!

Shanglei will come to Vardaris along with WIM Gu Tianlu and GM Zeng Chongsheng.

We thank Shanglei very much for this honor.


Few biographical data for Shanglei Lu.

Lu Shanglei, born 10 July 1995, is a Chinese chess Grandmaster and 2014 World Junior Chess Champion.

He was awarded by FIDE the title Grandmaster (GM) in October 2011. 

Many are his individual as well as his team achievements. 

We can only mention some of them:

In August 2011, Lu came second, behind GM Li Shilong, at the 8th Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur. The following year, he won the 1st Grand Europe Open in Golden Sands, Bulgaria. 

In 2013, he played for the Chinese men's team in the China-USA Chess Summit in Ningbo, China. The match was won by the Chinese. 

In June 2014, at the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships in Dubai, Lu was the only one who won a game against the eventual winner, Magnus Carlsen, in the blitz event. In October 2014, Lu won the World Junior Chess Championship in Pune, India with a score of 10/13 points. Thanks to this victory he qualified for the 2015 Chess World Cup. 

In April 2015, he finished fourth at the Aeroflot Open in Moscow, and second at the Aeroflot blitz tournament. In June 2015, he won two blitz tournaments in Bulgaria, the Golden Sands Blitz and the Albena Blitz, both with a score of 9/11 points. In the subsequent month, Lu helped the Chinese team to win the 9th China-Russia Match, held with the Scheveningen system. At the Chess World Cup 2015 he knocked out Alexander Moiseenko and Wang Hao in rounds one and two respectively, then he was eliminated by Veselin Topalov in the third round after the first set of rapid tiebreaker games.

In 2016, Lu Shanglei won the Asian Blitz Championship in Tashkent and the Serbian Open.  

Lu plays for the Zhejiang team in the China Chess League.

Legendary grill "Vardaris" best offer

Legendary grill "Vardaris" best offer

The organizing committee of the 6th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris 2020" wishes to provide every possible service for its participants. For this reason, we have achieved for yet another year, to offer 20% discount, exclusively for all the participants and their companions, at the legendary grill "Vardaris", located in 2nd Monastiriou Str., very close to the playing venue. We would really like to thank Mr. Isaak Papadopoulos for his kind and generous offer, as well as for the uninterrupted cooperation during all these years.

Brotherhood between Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki and Xanthi Chess Club

Brotherhood between Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki and Xanthi Chess Club

During the 6th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris", the Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki has the honor to proceed to brotherhood with Xanthi Chess Club. It is really a great pleasure to honor this club.

Few information for Xanthi Chess Club...

Xanthi Chess Club was founded in 1973 and has since been active nationally, on a regular basis, attaining recognition on both individual and group levels!

At the chess club, classes are delivered to both beginners and advanced learners from ages 4 to 18 and over.

Recognizing the multiple beneficial effects of playing chess, X.C.C. has been making continuous efforts to integrate chess activities, not only in children’s daily lives but also in the lives of everyone interested.  Through the aimed actions and initiatives of the club’s own resources or collaborations, chess has been extensively promoted in Xanthi, leading to the broadening of the chess society.

As a result of this effort, year by year, more and more chess players emerge in the city of Xanthi, many of them achieving a range of promising distinctions nationwide!

It's worth mentioning that Xanthi Chess Club, has been operating successfully and uninterruptedly for 45 years, relying solely on the subscriptions of its members! X.C.C. is a large family of people united by their love for chess: coaches, members, parents, board, all helping in every possible way so that the club continues to be one of the strongest clubs of the provinces of Greece!

Hotel Room Reservation

Hotel Room Reservation

Dear chess friends,

Entering the final straight towards the 6th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris" 2020, we would like to remind you that on the 31th of January expires the deadline for the additional 10% discount on the privileged prices, offered to the participants and their attendants at the playing venue, the 5 stars Holiday Inn Hotel in Thessaloniki.

Take advantage of this unique offer and make your reservation on time, directly to the hotel.

Holiday Inn Hotel,

 e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel : +30 2310 563100

Welcome to 6th "Vardaris"

Welcome to 6th "Vardaris"

2020 has just arrived and for one more year, "Vardaris" is blowing!

Chess Club SACH of Thessaloniki and Cooperativa “Allostropos” have the pleasure and honor to organize, for 6th consecutive year, the International Chess Tournament “Vardaris”.

The unique playing venue of Holiday Inn Hotel in the center of the city, in combination with our good mood and our will for an even better tournament are the basic ingredients that attract every year chess players from every corner of Greece, as well as all over the world.

This year "Vardaris" is ...transatlantic, as GM Leandro Krysa from Argentina and Brazilian GM Santiago Yago De Moura are coming to bring us "chess air" from Latin America!

We are also delighted to welcome GM Mihail Marin from Romania, three times National Champion and one of the most successful authors of chess books.

Finally, it's worth mentioning the Scandinavian charge! Twelve strong teenage chess players from Norway will join us, accompanied by their trainer GM Kjetil Aleksander Lie!

Thank you all for your support over the years...

Welcome to 6th Vardaris!!!






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