Organizers :

Chess Club “SACH” of Thessaloniki and Cooperativa “Allostropos” Playing venue: Hotel Holiday Inn, 8th Monastiriou str., Thessaloniki, Greece



Schedule :


1st Thursday 15 February 2018 17.30
2nd Friday 16 February 2018 17.30
3rd Saturday 17 February 2018 10.30
4th Saturday 17 February 2018 17.30
5th Sunday 18 February 2018 10.30
6th Sunday 18 February 2018 17.30
7th Monday 19 February 2018 10.00


Mode - Groups :

Swiss System seven (7) rounds (accelerated for the first round only for A and B group).

Open Α     Chess Players with Fide International Rating more than 1800            

Open Β     Chess Players with Fide International Rating less than 1800

Open C     Chess Players under 12 years old (U12- born on or after 1/1/2006)  

Open D     Chess Players under 8 years old (U8 - born on or after 1/1/2010)  

All chess players must fill in, the entry form at the playing venue on Wednesday 14/02/2018 from 18.00 to 21.00 and Thursday 15/02/2018 from 12.00 to 16.30.

Players who will not complete the entry form in time, will participate in the second (2nd) round.

The chess players that wish to ask for an exception for the 1st round must proceed to the payment of the entry fee until Wednesday 14 February 2018, at the following account:

PIRAEUS BANK , Name: ANAGNOSTOU ZOI, Account no. : 5213-059757-531

IBAN : GR91 0172 2130 0052 1305 9757 531, BIC : PIRBGRAA

(The bank receipt must mention the participant’s name and should be sent by e-mail to :


Time Control:

Ninety (90) minutes for forty (40) moves + fifteen (15) minutes for the rest of the game, plus thirty (30) seconds per move (from the first move).

Players arriving thirty (30’) minutes and more, after the start of a round, shall be forfeited.


Εχceptions – Byes :

Byes with half a point are available until the 4th round and without a point for the rest of the tournament. Players cannot request more than three “byes”. The “bye” should be asked not later than ten (10) minutes after the end of the last game of the round.

Exception at 1st round can get anyone who has filled in the entry form or has prepaid the entry fee.

Unjustified absence from the first round will result in the expulsion from the tournament. Any player, who is unjustified absent from any round, will be expelled too. Any player unable to play a round shall notify the arbiters within ten (10) minutes after the end of his/her last game.

The time schedule cannot be changed for any reason


Entry Form - Entry Fees :

Entry forms can be submitted to the official website:

Alternatively, by e-mail at :, using as subject “Vardaris”, indicating the following data :

Fide ID, Full name and Group.

Entry Fee     Open Α : 40€, Open Β : 30€, Open C : 20€, Open D : 20€

Male Players with title GM, IM, female players with title WGM and WIM and disabled people, free on Entry Fee.

Chess players with Fide rating > 2200 and woman > 2000, entry fee 20€

Special prices for families:

For 2 members of the same family, total discount 20%.

For 3 members of the same family, total discount 30%.

For 4+ members of the same family, total discount 40%.

The organizers’ wish for the chess players is, to participate in the groups, according to their Fide Rating. However, for those who wish to participate in the first group but do not have the appropriate rating, the entry fee is 80€.

The organizing committee may cancel any registration.





1st 700€ + Trophy, 2nd 400€ + Trophy, 3rd 200€+ Trophy,

4th 150€ + medal, 5th 150€+ medal, 6th 100€+ medal

Special categories

Woman 1st 100€ + Trophy, 2nd 50€ + medal, 3rd 50€ + medal

1st veteran (50+) 100€ + medal, 

1st Player under 2200 100€ + medal


1st 200€ + Trophy, 2nd 150€ + Trophy, 3rd 100€+ Trophy,

4th  50€ + medal, 5th  50€ + medal, 6th  50€+ medal

Special categories

1st Trophy, 2nd Medal, 3rd Medal

Women ,

Veterans (50+),

Boys U16, Girls U16,

Boys Α14, Girls U14


1st – 3rd Trophies, 4th -6th Medals

Special categories

1st Trophy, 2nd Medal, 3rd Medal

Girls, Boys U10, Girls U10 


1st – 3rd Trophies, 4th -6th Medals

Special categories

Girls 1st Trophy, 2nd Medal, 3rd Medal

The prizes cannot be shared and are attributed to the winners, according to the final ranking.

In case, one player deserves more than one prize, he/she will only be rewarded with the higher valued one.

A necessary condition for the special categories is that there are at least 6 participants at each category.

The winners missing from the closing ceremony lose their right to the prizes.


Tie-breaks System definitions :

a) Sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player (Buchholz)

b) Sum of the score according to the result (Sonneborn-Berger)

c) The greatest number of wins: Sum of won games (unplayed games shall not be counted)

d) The greatest number of games with black: The greatest number of games played with the black pieces (unplayed games shall be counted as played with the white pieces).

e) Draw

Appeals - Appeals Committee :


Appeals shall be submitted, in written form to the Appeals Committee, no later than 15 minutes from the end of the playing session of each round. This Committee will be consisted of 3 members and 2 substitute ones, chosen among the participants. The Committee’s members related to the players involved in the complaint, will be excluded from the Committee and will be replaced by substitutes. The cost of the appeal is 100€ and can be submitted to the tournament director or the chief arbiter. The fee is totally refunded if the appeal becomes accepted. If not, the fee goes in favor of the organization.

The Appeals Committee will be announced before the beginning of the 1st Round.


Information :

For more information, you can daily call at the “SACH” chess club ++30 2310 866410, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 9pm or contact by e-mail at :

Official website

The Fide Laws of Chess and the decisions of Chess Club “Sach” are valid, in case something is missing from this announcement.