Press release "Vardaris 2018"

The 13-year-old Belgian, Daniel Dardha, was the winner of Group A at the 4th International Chess Tournament “Vardaris”. Remarkable, besides the young age of the chess player, was the fact that in the last round, he confronted and defeated his father and personal coach too, Arben Dardha!

“Vardaris”, for the first time this year, was consisted of 4 different groups of capacities. So, the winner of Group B was Yiannis Tsotras of the Evia’s Chess players’ Association, in Group C (U12) the winner was Stelios Sioulas of the Chess Club Evosmos-Kordelio and finally the winner of Group D (U8) was the Romanian Robert-Gabriel Sava.

254 chess players participated in total, from 12 different countries.

The Chess Club SACH Thessaloniki and Cooperativa Allostropos wish to thank all those who helped in achieving a great tournament with the best conditions and terms, and especially the Communication Sponsors, the TV station ERT3, as well as the radio stations 95,8 and 102 fm. In addition, we would like to thank the Association of Chess Clubs of Thessaloniki – Halkidiki and the “Vassiliadis” School for the material they offered us.

Special thanks also, to Nikos Dirlis and Elias Katsikaros for the live broadcasting and the web TV, to Holiday Inn Hotel that supported and offered us every possible assistance, and of course to all the arbiters who gave their best effort for the success of “Vardaris”.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the actors, Mr. Stefanos Linnaios and Mrs. Elli Fotiou, who honoured us with their presence, New In Chess magazine and the sales manager, Mr. Remmelt Otten for their generous offer to all the participants, and finally the honoured guest Romanian team, Central Chess Club of Bucharest.

See you next year!