Announcement for the 7th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris"

Announcement for the 7th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris"

There comes a time when reality is harsh and stands in front of you and beyond all your powers... even your superpowers! We live in such a moment now... Now that we have entered the week of Vardaris...  

The 6th International Chess Tournament "Vardaris" started 1 day after the zero covid case in Thessaloniki with great anxiety, but with a gorgeous progress after all. The tournament was completed successfully despite the obvious adversities and closed the door! Then, the quarantine came...

All the activities stopped for quite some time, for almost everyone. Nevertheless, the flame of the anticipation for the 7th Vardaris was burning inside our hearts... We had also started the preparation... the announcement... the poster... with surprises and a surprise slogan!

However, the situation remains uncertain... Even now, we are in stricted quarantine. There is no forecast for competitive activities for 2021. Our goal is always to ensure the best conditions for players, companions and the tournament crew.

For this reason, our decision can be no other than to postpone the 7th Vardaris from the predetermined dates, with a heavy heart, but with a promise... We'll be back!

7th Vardaris... coming soon... (?)